Name Lee, Chung-Ching Title Professor
E-Mail cclee@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5411
Research interested Mechanism and Machine Design
Name Yang, Ching-Yu Title Professor
E-Mail cyyang@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5413
Research interested Inverse Engineering
Name Huang, Chung-Ching Title Professor
E-Mail cchuang@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5418
Research interested Plastics Precision Molding
Name Lin, Yin-Chih Title Professor
E-Mail lin3312@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5428
Research interested Nano-Materials
Name Hsieh, Shy-Feng Title Professor
E-Mail sfhsieh@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5427
Research interested Functional Materials
Name Ay, Her-Chang Title Professor & Chairman
E-Mail herchang@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5414
Research interested New Energy Science
Name Sheu, Jinn-Jong Title Professor
E-Mail jjsheu@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5406
Research interested Precision Metal Forming and High Speed Cutting
Name Huang, Chung-Ching Title Professor
E-Mail chengwu@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5429
Research interested Polymer processing
Name Hsu, Cheung-Hwa Title Professor
E-Mail chhsu@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5419
Research interested Artificial Organs

Chiou, Shi-Yung

Title Professor
E-Mail sychiou@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5407
Research interested Powder Metallurgy and Super Hardened Tools
Name Li, Hung-Yuan Title Associate Professor
E-Mail richardli@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5424
Research interested Rapid Engineering
Name Hsu, Chao-Huo Title Associate Professor
E-Mail chaoho@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5420
Research interested Image Inspection and Detection

Chen, Ming-Shang

Title Associate Professor
E-Mail chenms@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5422
Research interested Tolerancing

Huang, Te-Fu

Title Associate Professor
E-Mail tfhuang@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5408
Research interested Plastic Forming
Name Lin, Heng-Sheng Title Associate Professor
E-Mail hslin@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5423
Research interested Mold Design、Metal Forming、Tribology、IC Packaging/Test
Name Chang, Chao-Cheng Title Associate Professor
E-Mail ccchang@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5416
Research interested Micro and Nano Forming
Name Kuo, Chun-Hsien Title Associate Professor
E-Mail chkuo@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5402
Research interested Fuel Cell System
Name Chang, Kao-Hua Title Associate Professor
E-Mail kfchuang@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5409
Research interested CAE、Metal Deformation Analysis
Name Yao, Chueng-Wen Title Associate Professor
E-Mail yaoinuk@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5421
Research interested Contact Mechanics、Ultrasonic Measurement、Mold Design、
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Name Lin, Shiang-Jiun Title Assistant Professor
E-Mail kathysjlin@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5440
Research interested

Solid Mechanics、Computational Mechanics、 Modeling and Simulation

Name Hsu, Wen-Cheng Title Assistant Professor
E-Mail albert.hsue@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5405
Research interested Nontraditional Machining、Precision Mechanical System、Automatic Control 、Mechanical and Electrical Integration
Name Hsien, Tsung-Han Title Assistant Professor
E-Mail thhsieh@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5425
Research interested Composite,  nanomaterial
Name Chang, Chih-Yuan Title Assistant Professor
E-Mail cychang@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5404
Research interested Innovative plastic molding technology、MEMS and LIGA like process、Flexible optoelectronics devices Roll to roll equipment and process
Name LIN, JUN-HONG Title Assistant Professor
E-Mail jhlin@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5412
Research interested Mirco-structured molds、Injection molding、Optical design、Ionic polymer actuators、Supercapacitors、 Charge dynamics of ionic liquids
Name Ou, Shih-Fu Title Assistant Professor
E-Mail m9203510@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5415
Research interested Surface treatment、Biomaterials
Name Lee, Jeng-Hsiung Title Lecturer
E-Mail ljehs@cc.kuas.edu.tw Ext. 5417
Research interested Quality Control、Management