Research activities in our laboratory are focused on the following areas:  
Fluid-dynamic diagnostics in Multiple-Intersection Flow Network, Air-Cooled Condenser, Li-ion Stack, Heat Sink by using Particle Image Velocimetry.
Thermal diagnostics in Multiple-Intersection Flow Network, Heat Sink, Heat Exchanger, Miniature Chip Surface Using IR Thermometry.
Photovoltaic System

 Fuel Cell System

  The study of the lab presents methods of computer-assisted thermo-fluid visualization, in which computer graphic are employed to display the quantitative results of thermo-fluid visualization either in colors or contours.  Computer-assisted thermo-fluid visualization has full capability of quantitatively treating unsteady three-dimensional flow by using experimental approach, such as Infrared thermograph and PIV’s velocity fields.  
  Flow pattern for  Air-cooled Condenser by PIV   Heat Sink Internal Flow pattern by PIV(draw in)  
  Internal Flow of Li-Ion battery stack measurement by PIV   Heat sink thermography by   IR Thermometry  
  mercury lamp thermography by  IR Thermometry   Solar and fuel vehicle